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Video Services Here's what Bass Communications Company offers our clients.

•  Full Service Video Production: I partner with you to provide the whole enchilada - from "script to screen".  The process is outlined below in four phases.

•  Video Shooting: I can provide a full 4K camera package (Sony FS-7) or with multiple cameras, ARRI and IKAN lighting, Sennheiser wireless and TRAM mics, IKAN HD monitoring, tripods, cabling and grip.  I can direct the shoot or you can - your call.

•  Scriptwriting:  Need help with that?  40 years of experience - if writing is all you need.

•  Video Crewing:  Added to the a la carte Video Shooting, I can provide a seasoned crew to come along as needed: make-up/hair, sound/boom, additional camera ops, lighting tech - whatever's needed.

•  Video Editing:  I maintain an edit suite running Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Additionally available are hundreds of animated and still backgrounds, fonts, music cuts - with thousands more available online.

•  Drone Videography:  I can provide 4K video done by a skilled, licensed operator.  I can direct or you can.  For convenience, I provide HD monitoring separate from the drone operator's control screen.

Full Service Video Production - If done properly, it should happen in four phases.  If this is your first time, or you just want to see how I do it, let me give you a quick tour. 

In the first phase, Pre-Production, we partner to ask some fundamental questions and explore ideas:

•  What's the content of the story

•  What's the goal of the video?  What do you want the audience to know, to feel and to do once they've watched the video?

•  What does the audience already know about the content of the video?

•  How will the video be seen?  Web only?  Social media?  Big screen in a big room?

•  What type of vehicle, method or visual techniques do we use in telling the story?

Once those questions are answered, MY homework begins:

•  Develop a script - or at least a very detailed outline. I can do it, you can do it - or we can partner on it.  It's very important to get this right; it informs everything that follows.

•  Establish a list of people seen on-camera - speaking or not:  your staff, professional actors, etc. 

•  Agree on a budget. 

•  Audition for professional talent, if needed.

•  Create a shooting schedule - and a timeline for the entire project.

•  Determine the crew members needed and hire them.

•  Determine the shooting locations.

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Phase 1

Once the foundation of Pre-Planning has been laid, Phase 2, Production, can begin.  This is the execution of everything planned; shooting the video scenes and gathering the other material necessary.

•  Shoot each video scene, as scripted or outlined, according to the schedule.  I'll be shooting all video scenes and interviews in 4K.

•  Conduct each interview.  (See the page "VOC" for helpful details.)

•  Shoot video B-roll as needed.

•  Gather other materials: client logos, archival video clips, photos and artwork from the client.

•  Purchase and download stock stills and video clips, if needed and provided for in the budget.

•  If professional narration is required, create that narrative in a recording session.




Phase 2

In Phase 3, Post-Production, commonly called editing, is where all the elements come together:

•  Interview video clips

•  B-roll video clips

•  Audio or on-screen narration (VOC)

•  Theme music

•  Artwork: photos, logos, etc.

•  Digital graphics and on-screen text

And to provide the polish, special visual effects and transitions, graphic animation and digital compositing are added as fitting to the style and purpose of the video.  Once I've edited the first draft, I'll upload mid-res mp4 files of the video for your critique (HD 1920x1080 in stereo).  And together we'll work through that approval process until you're happy.

When you're satisfied that the new video is complete, I'll release it to you.  This is the final step - Phase 4.  I'll upload a final, hi-res, higher bandwidth video that will look great on most all platforms, the most compatible platform being mp4, I've found.  If you need other formats (mpeg2, Apple ProRes, Quicktime, etc.) just ask.  I don't get asked very often but I can even create DVD-Rs or Blu-Ray DVDs.

Depending upon the size and the estimated length of the video project's schedule, you'll be invoiced in two, three or four installments, each due upon receipt, please.  If we encounter factors that could potentially alter the budget upon which we've agreed, (weather, change in script or outline, increase in the number of shooting days needed, etc.) you'll be the first to know.

Once all the invoices have been paid, I'll archive all the footage and materials so that revisions and updates can be performed efficiently.  You will own the copyright to the footage and will never be limited or charged again to use  your own material.  If you do need a revision edit or update, you'll be charged for the editing only - not for the right to use footage you already own.  If you'd like a copy of all the original material and footage, just ship me a hard drive.  4K files are much too large to upload.


& Rights




Phase 3



Phase 4

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