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After graduating from college, working at a local TV station and an independent video production company for several years, I began Bass Communications Company in 1980.  Before long, and long before anyone even thought of calling themselves a storyteller, it occurred to me that's precisely what I had been doing:  partnering with companies, organizations and municipalities - large and small - to help them tell their stories using the medium of video.  So, in 2000, I adopted the title, Corporate Storyteller.

Since then, a great deal has changed about the way we live, play and do business.  It only follows that the way we create video has undergone a seismic shift as well: in technology and technique, in styles and trends, and in budgets.  One thing, however, has remained constant: the importance of the story.  

I look forward to partnering with you to help you effectively and creatively tell your story.  To that partnership, I bring 40 years of experience in making the complicated simpler, the complex understandable, and the sophisticated affordable. 


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2244 Starwashed Drive

Midlothian, TX  76065

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